Reporting Acutes (CLAMs) between appointments


Often, when patients contact me for help with an acute condition, e.g. coughs, colds, flus, rashes, bites etc there is much back and forth by texts or emails as I look to extract details necessary to make an accurate homeopathic prescription. These details frequently wrap around a ‘single’ symptom e.g. .a headache , or a cough and make the picture ‘complete’ as they describe the symptom’s location, radiation, sensation, character, intensity, modalities (including aggravation and amelioration), as well as the nature of any accompanying symptoms.

I suggest using the acronym CLAMS to help collate all necessary details for a well-informed and accurate prescription from me. Once you have collected the information based on CLAMS, prioritise the symptoms – what are the most important ones, for example the main symptom and/or the strongest symptoms, or symptoms that are peculiar, unusual or striking.

Love Arunjot




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