A Pathway For Healing


Are you seeking a natural approach to health and well-being? Homeopathic medicine offers a personalised path to healing, focusing on your unique needs and life force energy. Embrace a wholistic journey towards mental, emotional, and physical wellness. Let’s embark on this healing adventure together! Book a Free 15-Minute Call

What is Homeopathy?

Homeopathy is an individualised, patient-centred approach to health and well- being. No two people are the same, therefore remedies are tailor-made for the individual, designed to heal dynamically on all levels, mental, emotional and physical using a wholistic & integrated approach.

During the consultations, you will be given the time and space to talk through your symptoms and how they affect your life. The therapeutic healing response is elicited by both the consultation process between client and practitioner as well as by the remedies.


The Vital Force

Prana, Chi, Lung, Chulel and Pneuma are just some of the names from various traditions used to describe the life force or flow of energy that animates and charges the body and maintains health and equilibrium. This Self-energy (internal family systems) or Vital Force, as it is known in homeopathy is innate, intelligent, regulatory and healing but can become disturbed by factors such as poor diet, trauma, toxins in the air and water, vaccine injury and chemicals in foods and drugs. When the body becomes burdened by such toxins, the immune system becomes stressed and compromised, resulting in symptoms.

My role as a healer is to tune into the language of the Vital Force of each client which is expressed through their symptoms, and then to help activate the healing power of this energy through the use of dynamically prepared homeopathic remedies, giving strength to either prevent illness or overcome it.

Homeopathic Consultations

The first meeting takes about 11⁄2 hours and during this time you will be asked details of your current complaints. Because different people react in different ways to the same illness, in order to find the most effective remedy and treatment plan I will need to know not only your physical symptoms but also as much as possible about what kind of person you are, and how your symptoms affect you. You will also be asked about your reaction to certain things such as foods, the environment and the weather. I will need to know about your family’s medical history as well as your own personal health history. When you talk about your symptoms you are given time to go into as much detail as necessary, starting with the time you first experienced changes in your health.


After this consultation I will analyse all the information you have given me and find the most similar remedy based on the totality of symptoms that will work over a number of weeks to help stimulate your body to begin the healing.

You will be prescribed a remedy that you can pick up, or else your remedy will be sent to you in the post shortly afterwards, with instructions. Depending on which part of the world you are living, you may be given a local pharmacy address where you can buy the appropriate remedy locally.


Follow-Up Appointments

Homeopathic medicine takes time to set up its action, especially in chronic dis-eases that have been developing over a number of years or even a life time. The remedy has to go through a reaction period, a time when it looks for the symptoms it needs to work on, brings the symptoms up for treatment, and it also may intensify the symptoms as it works on them.
The reaction time for a 30C and 200C dose is approximately three to six weeks.

If you are on a good remedy (i.e. a good match for you at that particular time) and it works well, it can do profound healing work for many months and even years without needing to be repeated. An active dose should never be interfered with.


I will schedule a follow up appointment to assess your progress. I may also ask you to contact me after a week or two to get an update and feedback. You may also contact me if you are experiencing a reaction and need help managing it. However, remedy action is best tracked systematically via follow ups. These scheduled follow-ups are usually a lot shorter and more focused on the changes you are experiencing. This and subsequent appointments last about 30 mins. They are usually scheduled every 4-6 weeks in the beginning and then every 2-4 months until your condition is completely resolved. After this time, you are welcome to schedule in with me whenever a need arises.

How long does the treatment take?

How quickly you will improve depends very much on you, what sort of illness you have, how long you have had it and any maintaining causes in your lifestyle. At each follow up we will review your progress together. It may take more than one interview and more than one homeopathic remedy before an effect is seen.

Energy levels, resilience and outlook to life should be significantly better after homeopathic treatment. People return because they feel an improvement in their overall health and wellbeing, as well as with a particular health complaint. For many people, homeopathic medicine is a safe and non-toxic form of health care that they use throughout their lives.
If the condition you are seeking help for is an Acute then this should resolve very quickly i.e., days or weeks.

Where does the consultation take place?

  • Wednesdays at The Orange Tree Clinic, 23A Broad Street, Teddington, TW11 8QZ
  • Sundays in Langley, Slough (please send me a message to arrange)
  • On-line via Zoom or WhatsApp video

Please ensure you have privacy for the duration of our meeting.

I also see patients face to face at my home weekly on Sundays in Slough.


What my clients say:


“I started my journey with Arun when I was expecting my second child. Homeopathy has been amazing and has opened my eyes as to how I can take care of my children naturally and safely. Arun explains everything that she’s doing and why and now Arun is my go-to family health practitioner and not so much my GP. Six years on and Arun feels like part of my family.”

I invite you to embark upon a homeopathic healing journey towards greater health and vitality